Parking Issues, Ideas and Solutions

Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 6:00 PM -- a Community Forum zoom event

-- resident discussion - not affiliated with Concord Village, Inc --

Event Information

  • Topic: Parking Issues, Ideas and Solutions

  • When: Sunday, May 21, 2022 at 6:00PM

  • Host: Aimee and Larry Palmer

  • Location: Zoom Meeting ID 5292298929 / passcode = Parking001

  • Format: Informal, no topic order, <40 mins so "share the time"

  • Rules: Be prosocial, no public shaming, don't talk over each other

  • Disclaimer: Resident discussion, not affiliated with Concord Village Inc

Talking Points

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Current Rules (permalink): (page 21)

Meeting Objectives Today

  • Gather concerns and ideas regarding parking problems

  • Understand CV rules, HUD involvement, and enforcement issues

  • Develop list of suggested changes to parking rules

  • Discuss how other communities have addressed parking issues

  • Discuss what should be listed on a member parking survey

Some of Our Issues

  • Monopolization of street and guest parking

  • Rules changed without seeking community feedback

  • Lack of clarity in rules (# days, street vs guest spots)

  • One vehicle "holding" two spaces, doing the shuffle

  • Oversized vehicles -- Current issues: campers, commercial vehicles, tall vehicles

  • Lack of enforcement - patrol enforcement vs member initiated calls/photos

  • Cars dripping oil and ruining pavement

  • HUD approval of parking rule changes - HUD expectations, one car free?

  • Handicap/front of unit parking requests, letter from doctor?
    HUD form -

  • More covered parking - neighbors convincing each other doesn't work

  • Some units may still have two assigned spaces

CV Parking Rules, Notices & Minutes

These files are in reverse date order, and you must be registered at to view them

  1. 2022-04-14 - Board Minutes - annual registration, tagged after 3 days
    "registering your vehicles at the time of recertification. This has now been reinstated."
    "unassigned spot for more than 3 days but is up to date on their state registration, then a complaint maybe submitted to the office for the vehicle to be tagged."

  2. 2017-11-28 - Board Minutes - Champlain striping test - 27 feet ADA - Revised Rules?
    "Champlain Ave. has been painted with parking stripes as a test. If it is successful, the other Village
    streets will be striped. The maximum use of street is 22 feet for normal parking and 27 feet for ADA."
    "The Board reviewed the proposed updated Vehicle and Parking Policy. The intent was to update the
    policy and to clarify the rules. Additional changes were made to comply with Fair Housing Regulations. After the Board completes the policy it will be forwarded to our attorney and then to HUD."

  3. 2017-02-21 - Board Minutes - Parking Rules committee needed - cars dripping oil
    "Parking Policies/Revisions needed: There are issues all over the Village, including street parking. Need to start a committee to research, identify, and suggest policy changes to the Board. The Board will provide the committee with guidelines."
    "asphalt is wearing down due to standing water and cars dripping oil. The front of the clubhouse needs patching... It is important for members to be responsible and have their cars repaired before damage occurs."

  4. 2016-08-23 - Town Hall - Parking Rules committee needed
    "Town Hall Agenda • Seeking Committee Members to review and update vehicle & parking Rules and Regulations."

  5. 2016-07-11 - Rules - Most Recent rules - parking policy on page 21

  6. 2012-04-24 - Rules - Revised Parking Policy for rules binder - 2012 parking rules

  7. 2012-04-09 - Board Minutes - get rid of cars that don't belong
    "All cars will need to be registered with the office of Dunlap & Magee. This will help us as a community to get rid of cars that do not belong on our property"

  8. 2012-04 - Newsletter - one parking space per unit
    "receipts on any carport purchases (per rules and regulations: Members are assigned only 1 parking space per unit)."

  9. 2012-03 - Newsletter - No cab-over campers or large commercial vehicles
    "Vehicles not permitted: Trailers, Boats, RV, Boom Trucks, Cab-over campers, Large Commercial Vehicles or any recreation vehicles are not permitted to park in the assigned or visitor parking spaces."

  10. 2011-11-07 -Board Minutes - Minimum two needed for covered spots
    If any member would like to have their carport covered, you need to get together with the neighbor in the adjacent parking spot to yours. The carports are covered in sets of two."

  11. 2011-01-01 - Rules - Prior Parking Rules (page 21) - 2011 parking rules

  12. 2008-10-01 - Rules - Prior Parking Policy (marked up, page 4) - 2008 parking rules

  13. 2007-01 - Candidate Resumes -Keith on 100% covered parking
    "Acquiring Covered Parking For All Occupants + Stopping The Abuse Of Visitor Parking Spaces"

  14. 2006-02-14 - Notice - CV Clean up - relocating every few days not enough
    "Parking spaces are to be used for vehicles in regular use, not for storage of vans, campers, boats, trailers, other recreational vehicles or disabled or extra vehicles. Occasionally relocating a vehicle not in regular use (i.e.. moving it from space to space (every few days) will not satisfy the Corporation's Parking Policies."

  15. 2006-01-23 - Annual Minutes - New Tempe Rules - cars cannot be towed
    "even though that registration has expired, it could sit there for 10 years. Again, the only way is if there are no plates and we will get this in writing from Tempe and the Sheriffs department. if we were to tow a vehicle with expired registration from a member here, we are subject to a law suit."

  16. 2005-03-14 - Board Minutes - Guest Parking is temporary, not every day
    "Please do not use parking spaces designated "Guest Parking" for long-term or every-day parking. The guest parking is for temporary "guest" parking."

  17. 2000-01-27 - Board Minutes - Guest spots limited to less than one week
    "if a car is found to be parked in a 'Guest' spot for a week or longer, it will be tagged and possibly towed."

  18. 1997-09-11 - Board Minutes - covered $600 for four in 1997
    "Chris, head of maintenance, received a quote for $600 per parking space. However, a carport must span four adjoining parking spaces."

  19. 1997-03-12 - Board Minutes - petition re boats, rvs, trailers
    "Jean gave the board a petition, which was given to her by several members requesting that boats, RV's and trade trailers, etc. be removed from Champlain. This is for residential parking only."

  20. 1995-07-19 - Board Minutes - cannot move assigned parking to front
    "MEMBER REQUESTS - 3) To assign a front parking space instead of the existing space in back. As there are no other assigned parking spaces in front of that building the request was denied."

  21. 1974-01-01 - Rules - Prior / Earliest Parking Rules (page 4) - 1974 parking rules

Rule / Policy Change Ideas & Suggestions

  • Proposed rules changes shared with all members for public comment and feedback

  • Annual parking permits. fees for 2nd/3rd vehicles

  • Temporary or overnight guest permits (day or week, charge a fee)

  • Renting our spaces to others

Enforcement Suggestions

  • Member vs Staff enforcement - staff can be accused of being arbitrary and discriminatory

  • Annual registration (implemented again)

  • Verbal warnings (based on knowledge or sticker lookup) vs letters vs tagging cars vs towing

  • Broad enforcement of stickers, many are faded

  • Hiring uniformed patrol to walk property and enforce parking each night

  • How to prove long term parking (photograph wheel & road four days apart)

  • Un-grandfathering vehicles in violation

  • Numbering our guest spots not in front of units

Other Suggestions from Past Parking Committees

Parking Rules from Nearby Coops

Commercial Solutions

Physical Solutions

From a variety of sources including past minutes, meetings, committees, brainstorming, etc

  • Convert basketball court fence area to straight-in parking (during planned replacement)

  • Convert grass areas at entrance to parking lots to parking spaces (reduce water bill)

  • Add sidewalk cutbacks next to sides of buildings for diagonal parking (currently planned for xeroscape because of water pooling and foundation issues)

  • Add diagonal parking on Concord (remove median)

  • Remove gates at entrances to allow more street parking spots

Vehicle Security

  • People walking the village checking door handles, stealing opportunity items inside cars

  • Vehicles stolen

  • Vehicle vandalism

  • Catalytic converter theft

  • Gas theft

  • Dash cams can take photos during the night (less drain on battery)

Other Thoughts

  • Painting house numbers on the curb

Fair Housing and ADA Spaces

Community Parking Rules on the Web

No reason to reinvent the wheel. Google: condominium "parking rules" (or apartment, etc). A parking policy change will more likely be adopted by the community if we can find another similar community who successfully employed the same solution to solve the same problem.