Concord Village Members
Future Meeting Topics

Future Topic Suggestions

Below are some topics that members have suggested for future town halls

  • Unit improvements -- approvals, city code, DIY projects

  • Ideas to ease village parking problems

  • Planned community improvements, future capital project needs

  • Reserve study, capital needs, maintenance vs improvement

  • How to create a free and simple web page for a village group or project

  • How to host a zoom or other virtual meeting

  • Tour of village social media pages and resources

  • Home security systems and improvements for my unit

  • What are my rights as a shareholder vs occupant?

  • How much are our units worth?

  • Nearby developments, congestion and change

  • Financial analysis, comparison with other coops

  • Homeless crisis, how it effects us and how we can help

Survey Topics

  • Security

  • Transparency and Stakeholders

  • Living Conditions - unit maintenance issues

  • Rules and Bylaws and Enforcement

  • Activities for adults, family and youth

Past topics we may want to revisit again:

How to Join a Zoom Meeting Anonymously

We encourage all member gatherings to be open to anyone without barriers or required profiles and registration. With a zoom hosting account, it is possible to require zoom registration or even restrict the list, but we discourage this practice as it drives away members who may have had less-than-ideal neighborhood experiences.


MEET - Google meet does not allow anonymous guest logins. However, you can create a throw-away gmail account and use it to login to a google meeting (or login to a zoom meeting that requires a validated zoom account).

BUT WHAT ABOUT DISRUPTORS? With both zoom and meet, it is possible for the host to mute any participant who either talks over other people, is disruptive, or monopolizes all of the time. Prior to taking such a strong action, however, we have found that 90% of participants respond to a nice verbal request to let others speak, etc.

Zoom Live Transcription / Closed Captioning

Some of our members are hard of hearing, and sometimes the sound environments are pretty bad, so please enable "live transcription" if you are hosting an event with your personal zoom account

How to enable or disable the Live Transcription feature

Step 1: First you need to sign in to the Zoom web portal --

Step 2: Now, click on Settings, which is in the navigation menu.

Step 3: After that, you will have to click on the Meeting tab.

Step 4: In Meeting (Advanced), click Automated Captions toggle to enable or disable